Our Story

Ewiasi was founded by wife-husband team Tara and Nick Ocansey. Ewiasi means "the world" in Twi, a language of Nick's native Ghana, where many of our ingredients and product components are sourced. With Tara's background in international education development and their shared passion for lifelong learning and access to education for all, Ewiasi aims to identify talented artisans and help them expand their businesses by supporting them to train marginalized youth through apprenticeship programs, and connecting them to markets beyond their communities.

Our mission is to build cross-cultural creative partnerships that help lift everyone involved through fair trade practices and knowledge sharing.

Our product offerings feature handmade items from Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Rwanda, and New Jersey!

Ewiasi is based in Jersey City, New Jersey, where the Ocansey family has made their home.